Lee Iacocca’s Olivio Premium Spread and the Diabetes Connection

On our last visit to Younger Sister in Florida last Thanksgiving, she handed us a tub of Olivio Premium Spread for our toast at breakfast.  I was first intrigued by the packaging because it carried Lee Iacocca’s name on it.  But when she told me that it was made from olive oil, I got even more intrigued.  My first taste convinced me that this was the one product I would always choose to have on my toast.  No matter who makes it, or what it’s made of, IT IS DELICIOUS.  it doesn’t hurt that it is also has 85 percent less saturated fat than butter and is cholesterol-free.

Since I am so impressed by this product and decided to write about it here, I also checked out their website and learned more about the company.  Olivio Premimum Products is owned by Mr. Iacocca with his son-in-law Ned Hentz running the ship.  The company partnered with Unilever to manufacture and distribute their products which include the Olivio Premium Spread and Olivio Buttery Spray.  

Their website also says they are coming out with Olivio mayonnaise, cooking and salad oils soon.  Mr. Iacocca gives ALL his profits to diabetes research.  He has given more than $20-Million to this cause since 1984 which is when his wife died of the disease.

My mother is a diabetic.  People who know me will remember what a horrendous  time I went through five years ago when my mother was hospitalized due to complications of diabetes.  She’s doing a lot better now.  She keeps to her diet and made her doctor very happy on her last visit because all her tests came out normal.  My mother is 76 years old and has only one remaining kidney.  We are all very proud of her for this latest news.  A couple of years ago, my sister was diagnosed with the disease too.  Spouse’s mother was also a diabetic so this is a disease that is constantly at the back of my mind.

If I buy Lee Iacocca’s spread, he will be able to help diabetes researchers do their job better.  Diabetes research can help my mother and sister in their struggle to beat this disease.  Can you blame me if I never look at my buttered toast the same way ever again?

Eatingwell Diabetes Cookbook: 275 Delicious Recipes and 100+ Tips for Simple, Everyday Carbohydrate Control
Eatingwell Diabetes Cookbook: 275 Delicious Recipes and 100+ Tips for Simple, Everyday Carbohydrate Control


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  1. One tip for controlling diabetes is to keep your diet in check. Do not consume a lot of unhealthy foods, instead, eat fruits, vegetables, lean cold cuts, oily fish and unsaturated fats. You’ll feel much better and you will see a visible difference.

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