Minsky’s Pizza – Kansas City, Missouri



Minsky’s is located in the City Market complex on the old River Market district of Kansas City. I seem to have lost most of my photos from that trip, please click on the links to learn more about this landmark of Kansas City.  

It was Labor Day Monday when we were there and most shops were closed!  I was so disappointed.  But there were a few stores open so I purchased a few things at a Mediterranean store.  It was good to find food items like Mediterranean cousocous, lentils, bulgur wheat, rose water and orange water, some Spanish saffron, anchovies and spices and so much more.  I bought a good amount – my stash that will last a long time. Unfortunately, the photos I took of the spices in that store are all corrupted so no photos here – such a loss…

We also had lunch at Minsky’s Pizza, one of the few restaurants that were open that day. And I was pleasantly surprised at the mini Mediterranean Pizza I ordered.  It was just delicious with the lamb sausage, the pesto, the feta cheese…nice and hot and just the perfect size for lunch.  

I’m surprised this photo survived…and it looks good, doesn’t it?  See that pesto they folded into the pizza edge?  This only looks half as good as it tasted.  I have to find a way to do this pizza on my own. 

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  1. mediterranean sounds good to me! it looks so sinfully yummy with that green pesto sauce oozing from the crust! where can i find that here in NY?

  2. Ces, it was delicious! I have no idea what restos are available there but am pretty sure you can find something similar…or you can always experiment. I bet that will come out even better…

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