Mrs. Johnson’s Beef BBQ ala Bessie

Okay, this dish really doesn’t have a name…Bessie, my mom, just called it “Mrs. Johnson” and the name stuck.  Mrs. Johnson is actually the former American first lady, Lady Bird Johnson.  My mom found this recipe in some American magazine in the 60’s and turned it into her own.  It has very few ingredients, is simple to make and kids always love it.  And so, it’s become one of the family’s favorite recipes….

Lady Bird, like her husband Lyndon B., is from the great state of Texas which is known for their barbecues.  This recipe was shared in some American magazine my mother got a hold of back in the 60’s.  She tried it, made a few changes and it’s not really the same recipe she found in that magazine.  For one, I don’t think the Americans ever heard of banana catsup back then!

I’m sure the original recipe called for some tomato ketchup and some sweetener like brown sugar, molasses or something.  But my mom just went ahead and used banana ketchup…and the resulting dish is something you’d think was a complicated recipe.

The recipe is as simple as marinating some good beef brisket in plenty of Worcestershire sauce and banana ketchup.  There’s enough heat, sweet and salt in these two ingredients that you won’t need much else.   After sitting overnight in your refrigerator, just place it in your pot or pressure cooker and let it cook till tender.  Thicken the sauce a little by allowing it to simmer without the lid.

Serve over hot rice and some vegetables like peas, corn or carrots.

And before you get started on the first spoonful, just remember….the simplest things and recipes will sometimes prove to be the best!

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  1. Darlene,
    So sorry I haven’t joined in the meme! Things here have just been crazy. I’ll get to it soon as I cook lunch today…

    Joey, it IS ingenious, isn’t it? And so simple that I never gave it any thought until I lived in the US and tried different barbecue recipes…

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