I found a bottle of Italian Jardiniera at the grocery store the other week and thought it looked exactly what I needed to make the base of a Central Grocery Muffuletta.  It was perfect!  My Muffuletta creation turned out soo good, we’ve had it several times since we made the discovery.

All you need to do is to chop the vegetable jardiniera and mix it with chopped kalamata olives, black and green olives and a lot of extra virgin olive oil and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator.  This is now the base of your sandwich, what is essentially called an Olive Salad.

Heat your choice of bread in the oven….maybe sprinkle it a little with water before popping it into the oven to make it extra crsip.  My choice was an Italian-French sub loaf which I get from the Peterson AFB commissary.  After it’s heated through, slice it and literally dump as much of the Olive Salad on each side of your bread and then pile some Italian cheeses and sliced meats of your choice on top of that.

You can use salami as I did here or any combination of salami, soppresata, capicolli, prosciutto and other Italian deli sausages/meats.  For the cheese, you have a choice of mozarella and parmesam, romano, provolone, gorgonzola, grana padano, and so much more.  All I had for this particular Muffuletta was mozarella and romano.

Even with the limited deli meat and cheese I had that day, this turned out to be a very satisfying muffuletta.

For my next project, I intend to make my own Jardiniera…it doesn’t seem too difficult. Jardiniera is basically just pickled vegetables in a sour and salty brine.