Pie Paraphernalia

Here are my indispensible pie making gadgets. There’s more but the others don’t work as good as these.

I have two rolling pins. The black one is teflon-coated and was acquired last Thanksgiving when I was at Younger Sister’s. I forgot to take my rolling pin, the regular wooden one on the left of the photo, and Spouse had to run to Wal*Mart to get me a new one since my sister didn’t have one. She’s not exactly a pie maker or baker…but she has all the great gadgets for making the best, quivery leche flan and a mean paella.

Performance-wise, there isn’t much difference between the two rolling pins. You still have to flour the teflon-coated roller as much as the regular rolling pin.

Moving to the center of the photo, you’ll see a biscuit cutter with a handle. It’s perfect for making vents on fruit pie crusts. I have tried it for meat pies, but it makes a hole that’s just too big for the job. That will leave a lot of splatter marks on the top crust of your meat pie. For that, I use the center of a donut cutter.

That square gizmo is a pastry cutter which does a terrific job when working with pasta and bread dough. It’s made of stainless steel and cleans up your kneading surface like a dream. The cutting edge is also marked so you can accurately cut your pastry to however many inches it needs to be. It doubles as a chopping board scraper and is a very handy tool to transfer chopped veggies or meats to your pot.

And then there’s the Pie Crust Shield. Ohhh….indispensible! Another great product from Pampered Chef. Before I bought this, I would use aluminum foil to keep the pie crust edges from burning. Being the cheapskate that I am, I hated throwing away a big chunk of the foil just to get a circle that would go around the pie. Well, this gizmo made of thin aluminum is just the thing to have if you’re a pie junkie like myself. It fits on a 9-inch plate as well as a 9.5 inch one. It’s easy to clean and you can use it over and over again. In all the time I’ve been using this gadget, it still doesn’t have any dings or dents despite the lightness of the material. It was so worth the investment!