Post-Christmas Barbecue

There was a blizzard in Colorado Springs when we held this American-style barbecue for the family in Bulacan a few days after Christmas. It was surreal to be sitting in the sun and enjoying a summer barbecue while the place we just came from a month and a half ago was in the middle of a back-to-back winter blizzard.

Back to the subject of this post, I always wondered what my family in the Philippines would think of an American-style barbecue with grilled burgers, salads, boiled corn and barbecued beef ribs. It’s very different from the barbecues we are used to with Inihaw na Bangus, Inihaw na Liempo, Skewered Pork Barbecue, etc. I got to try it on them last month and am happy to report that they loved it. Fortunately, the weather cooperated too…cloudy and just a tad windy so it wasn’t too hot for an al fresco lunch.

Spouse took care of the grilling aided by the brother-in-law and my Dad. Everyone pitched in to help. Eldest Sister brought some green-leaf lettuce and a tangy tuna dressing to go with it. She also brought her yummy pork barbecue that was the best I’ve ever had. I will try to get her recipe for the marinade….it’s just too good to not feature in a future post here.

My 20-year old niece and I prepared the Caesar’s Salad and it came out even better than what I did for this blog some months back. Her croutons were perfectly done. Youngest Sister did her tangy Garlic and Cheese Dip for the chips. It was so good someone even tried it on their burger instead of mayo….ohhh, it was delicious.

What I prepared was the Feta Burgers I had featured here before. We also did a Filipino Macaroni Salad, a Nilagang Manok (Boiled Chicken) with Green Beans, Potatoes and two different cabbages, Grilled Talakitok Fish (Trevally in English) which was meant for the parents who dug into the burgers instead. We had boiled corn which was sweet enough, but not quite New Jersey corn-sweet. And for the piece de resistance – the Steaks marinated in Cattlemen’s Authentic Smokehouse Barbecue Sauce. I stuck bottles of this barbecue sauce in several boxes, anticipating a barbecue just like this with my family.

I found some good quality barbecue steaks from the Monterey counter at SM City here in Marilao. They were very reasonably priced for the cut. It was odd-shaped, but it definitely was the T-bone with the loin still attached. The only thing Spouse noticed was the unevenness of the cuts, making it difficult to grill. I hope the butchers of Monterey Beef would take their craft more seriously. I also think since the company is owned by the established San Miguel Coproration, they certainly can afford to train their butchers better.

The burgers were the big hit of the day though. You should have seen my niece’s eyes when she first bit into her burger! This niece is very health conscious. When she was a kid, she was obsessed with those infomercials of products that would cut down the fat in your diet. Since the burgers were ground round (sirloin was sold out)  which I personally picked for its leanness, it passed all her picky standards. She also hates cheese (go figure!) and so we didn’t let on that the burgers had feta cheese buried in the patties before it was grilled. Oh, it was deliciously creamy with that melted feta cheese oozing through the burger!

For dessert we had a No-Bake White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake served with strong, hot mugs of Papua New Guinea coffee that my mom’s neighbor had given her for Christmas. A perfect ending to a perfect lunch with the family.

Spouse and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. It was our first barbecue for my family and it was a success. In fact, we did another barbecue just a few days ago with just my parents and Youngest Sister and her two boys. We’re now planning to make it a regular Saturday activity where anyone in the family who doesn’t have much to do that day, is invited to come.

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  1. Hi Mita, hadn’t visited in a while. Happy New Year! The American style barbeque is perfect! I wish I had thought of that, my cousins would have appreciated it. But i was so bent on eating as much green mango and seafood while I was there, every other thought or idea just flew out the window 🙂

  2. Hi JMom, Happy New Year to you too! I haven’t gotten into my usual online sched myself and have a lot of catching up to do on my reading. I’ve had my fill of green mangoes by now – all for free. Neighbors just pop up and hand me freshly picked bunches, branches and leaves still attached, of mangoes and chicos and whatever fruit is available in their backyards….I love it!

  3. Great site! Very informative and very entertaining! I was searching for a pinangat recipe and your site seems to be a favorite site.

    More power to you and hope to meet you some time in the future.

    More of the best to you and your family!
    Chi Nazario

  4. Chi, thank you so much…you are too kind. I’ll come up with pinangat here soon…it’s one of my mom’s staples now that she’s on a strict diet..

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