Silicone Bundt Pan

I just tried this  Hamilton Beach Professional Rose Bunt (sic) Pan that I got at the outlet store, Kitchen Collection.  Original price was $9.99 and a comparable price on the tag says $12.99. The store gave us a very reasonable price of $4.47 (not including sales tax) mainly because we braved the crowds at the Castlerock Outlet Mall the day after Christmas.

Spouse managed to schmooze the cashier/manager while we were checking out and even got us an additional 10% discount….a “just because you’re cute” discount I like to call it.

Kitchen Collection is a great place to shop for almost any kitchen gadget you can think of.  It’s not  a high-end store.  Their prices are great though, some of the lowest I’ve seen…and I like shopping at clearance prices.  It’s not so much I’m a cheapskate, which I am, it’s more a matter of upbringing I guess.  Waste not, want not.  The store is reasonably-sized but crammed with lots of gadgets so shopping has the feel of a treasure hunt.

Before I stray from the topic again,let’s talk about the bundt pan.  I’ve always heard about the great non-stick, flexible qualities of silicone bakeware. There’s at least one infomercial of similar products I see on television quite regularly.

I do have silicone scrapers which I find convenient. I’ve ruined a lot of rubber spatulas by mistakenly picking it up for cooking on the stovetop and the silicone scrapers hold up very well to the heat.

It was only last December when I decided to replace my bundt pan that I finally thought of trying the silicone kind.  And it was only last week that I decided I needed to use it!

Silicone bakeware delivers on its promise…non-stick, great and even browning, and easy to clean.  It’s not perfect. The cake I baked came out a little lopsided, not so you’d notice, but it did.  The vessel itself is too flexible that the cake shifted when I turned it halfway in the baking process.

Perhaps,the manufacturers could think of some kind of metal ring that you could hook up to the top.  This could help hold it’s shape even as you move it around.  It’s really unavoidable to turn your pan around halfway through the baking process.

Instructions said to follow the recipe and grease and flour the pan so I did. Next time, I’ll try to skip that and see how it works.  The cake came off the pan without a problem and I even tried peeling the pan away from the cake. There was no need, but that worked too because it was so flexible.

Another thing I noticed was lint attaching itself so easily to the pan. I was drying my pan with a kitchen towel when I noticed. It would be simpler to wash it in a dishwasher since it is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.  Since I’ve only used this pan once, I cannot say how long it will last. It’s fine for now.

Overall, I’m very happy with this pan. Already in my shopping list are silicone muffin pans and the baking mats which would be perfect for Sans Rival.

Now, if only I can wait for the next big shopping holiday!

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  1. The silicone bundt pan works best when used as a liner for a same sized metal bundt pan. The metal pan adds stability and form retention to the silicone mold and promotes better browning by conducting heat to the silicone evenly.

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