Squash Baby

This was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!  It’s a baby squash just waiting to grow into a luscious golden adult squash.

I had our laundrywoman, who plants and sells vegetables on the side, plant some vegetables around the yard some months back.  She planted some okra (which Spouse can live without) and my favorite squash.  The squash grew  to monster vines and I was thinking of cutting them back, frustrated that they were not producing after all these months.

So the laundrywoman was here again this morning, tending the garden this time.  I asked her to move those monsters back so they don’t get trampled on and she informs me a vine was starting to flower.  At this stage, it’s best to leave it alone…or so she said.  I’m no expert anyway so I left it alone.  She shows me the flowers and I show Spouse and we’re all excited of course.

After lunch, I just had to document the first flower and took out my camera.  Upon closer inspection, I got a  huge surprise that this first flower actually had a little baby squash at its bottom.  Do you see it?  That stalk holding up the flower is what is going to be what will hold the adult squash someday…and that little ball is actually going to BE the squash.  That’s going to be a monster squash someday!

I feel so proud, it’s almost like it was ME going to have a baby!  And I didn’t even plant the seed…literally!

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  1. i always thought ur favorite veggie was the cabbage and potatoes in nilaga.. and the fact that u have a favorite veggie :o)

  2. I hate cabbage! I really have no choice but to eat my veggies now that I’m older and squash is the most innocuous…

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