Strawberry Shortcake



This was a delightfully wicked breakfast!  Don’t you think so?  It’s a Strawberry Shortcake using the Cream Scone recipe I featured previously.

All I did to turn it into a shortcake was to slice some strawberries and mixed them with some confectioner’s sugar, and a tablespoon (or two) of Grand Marinier and let that sit while my scones were in the oven.  I then whipped some cream to the soft peak stage and sweetened that a bit with more confectioner’s sugar.

When my scones were ready. I let it cool down just a little bit so I could assemble it all without the cream melting on me.  But I did have a warmer scone before I took this photo. Just my opinion, it was better warm.

Cut the scone in half.  Add some marinated strawberries with some of the juice on the bottom part. Cover generously with whipped cream then put the other half of the scone on top of it.  Decorate with more whipped cream and a slice of strawberry.  I suggest you prepare more strawberries and have it ready.  You may just find that there isn’t enough strawberries, and cream for that matter, once you get started eating…the scones just seemed to demand more…and more.


2 Replies to “Strawberry Shortcake”

  1. awww! another take on strawberries! i am literally drooling now over your pix! gotta grab some fresh ones since i only have frozen…and a grand marnier as well!*slurp*

  2. hi ces, can you tell i’m in a strawberry funk since summer began? hehe..i also have some frozen ones that i’m thinking of making into a flambe. have to gather enough courage to do that in the kitchen though.

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