The End of Summer and Catching Ballgames

Spouse and I caught 2 baseball games in Kansas City when we were over there last week.  The NY Yankees were playing the KC Royals over the Labor Day weekend.  Spouse is not exactly a fan of the Yankees, but I love them.  Even if people say they are over-rated and over-paid.  It’s the way they play, you see.  They just work so well as a team and I love watching them making that happen – even if they lose, which they did!  Oh but how they played, especially on that Labor Day game.  The Royals were just so primed that night, no one could’ve beat them.

When we got home, we hear they won the one game we didn’t see, 8-3.  Jorge Posada was even supposed to have scored multi-homers. I’ve never seen Posada (gee, he’s so good-looking!) hit a home run before.  That would’ve been something.

And the Big Unit, Randy Johnson (who just happens to be the best pitcher in the MLB) had to pitch on that one night we didn’t catch the game!  Oh well, maybe next time….I’ll catch all of them in one game.  Whatever happened to Mariano Rivera?   Love the way that guy can pitch…

Oh yes, the photo….can you guess what that guy has hanging from a pole?  It’s plastic canisters of cotton candy.  He was negotiating the stadium stands with that pole strewn with pails of cotton candy….a master acrobat if I ever saw one.

Of course, we did the only logical thing  when you find yourself in Kansas City watching a baseball game at Kaufmann Stadium – we had Gates BBQ that we bought there. I missed a few good plays trying not to get barbecue sauce on my shirt.  Spouse had the beef snadwich and I had the pork.  I’m not that impressed – burp – I still prefer Arthur Bryant’s BBQ.

4 Replies to “The End of Summer and Catching Ballgames”

  1. Hi Mita, I just tagged you for the project initiated by Melisa from “The travelers lunch box”. The project called “5 things to eat before you die”. Please read more on my blog. Have a nice weekend!

  2. ohhh, hubby and i love the Yankees. they’re really doing great this year. we’re so happy that Boston on the other hand is having such a bad season..hehe :).

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