Summer Squash Quiche



A summer squash is something I only got to try when I moved to the US.  It’s always found next to the zucchini at supermarkets.  These two vegetables actually go very well together.  But I like the summer squash more, mainly for its sweetness.  I just found out that this vegetable is also very beneficial for your health.  Fantastic, another vegetable I actually like and is healthy too.

I made my last purchase of summer squash into a quiche last week.  The  sweetness would go well with the eggs and cheese I thought…which it did.  And if you can make a quiche with the watery spinach, you can probably use any vegetable in your quiche. 

Here it is, straight from the oven, all puffy and browned. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take a photo of a slice because we ate all of it too soon…this was a small quiche.  Maybe next time….

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