Tarte Tatin

Dare I publish a photo of my first Tarte Tatin?  Oh heck…why not? When I started this blog, I did say I was going to be honest. So here it is….my first Tarte Tatin…

No, that’s not preserved Chinese plums I used for the fruit….those are apples!  Honest!

It’s not perfect but I tried to stay true to the original French manner of cooking this dessert.  I did cheat by using store-bought puff pastry and not the homemade short pastry or pate sucre.

But I  decided against Julia Childs’ version because she used shortcuts and cinammon in her recipe.  This is cinammon-free and alcohol-free.  It tasted terrific though….the caramel was rich and the pastry absorbed most of it.  Served with cream it’s to die for!

Next time, I’ll use bigger Gala apples and not these tiny, Granny Smith apples I normally preferfor my Apple Pie. I will eventually try Julia Childs’ recipe and some others.

If you want the recipe, please email me privately.