The Christmas Turkey


Here’s the Christmas turkey our family had for Christmas this year.   Everyone looks forward to having it on Christmas surpassing the more traditional ham that would take days to prepare.  So, I’ll keep making this until something new catches our fancy.

When Spouse was carving the turkey, 3 sets of hungry little boys’ eyes were carefully watching him.  Soon as a piece of the skin came off, it went straight to my 4-year old  nephew’s mouth.  He had turkey for lunch and turkey yet again for dinner.

Recipe to follow…

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  2. Hi Jeff,

    My secret is lots of butter, lots of small pieces of foil to prevent burning in certain spots which are constantly being moved from one spot to the next and a watchful eye. When I first tried roasting a turkey, it also came out spotty – unappetizingly pale in some places and too brown in others. Basting throughout cooking helps keep the inside moist. There’s a huge difference when you don’t baste.

    I’m sorry I haven’t posted the recipe. It got lost after the holidays!

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