The Round-Up, Lasang Pinoy 20: Binalot, All Wrapped Up!

Here’s the round-up for Lasang Pinoy’s 20th Edition for the month of August titled, “Binalot – All Wrapped Up!” Thank you to everyone who took time off from their busy lives and sent in a contribution for this LP edition. We covered appetizers to dessert like we all planned it! I hope LP followers will enjoy this round-up as much as the host did.

From Cia in New York City where she writes her blog called, Writing With My Mouth Full, we have two entries featuring delectable Philippine-inspired fish dishes with a twist. She uses herbs like basil, rosemary and thyme not normally used in traditional Philippine cooking, a definite must-try for cooking enthusiasts. Her first entry is Pinangat na Isda or Bluefish in Tomatoes cooked the French-binalot way, en Papilotte or wrapped in paper.

Her next featured dish is Ginataang Isda or Fish in Coconut Milk wrapped in banana leaves. The fish is cooked with not only the usual garlic, onions and chili but also basil, cilantro and parsley. Can you imagine all those flavors in your Ginataang Isda? I can and I think we’re having this on our dinner table soon.

And from another Filipino food blogger writing from the Philippines, Mark of No Special Effects here’s the luscious-looking “La Pinay” . It’s a chocolate crepe filled with delectable mangoes slathered with everyone’s favorite bread-spread and more, Nutella. It’s served over more mangoes and topped with mango ice cream. It’s a beautiful wrapped dessert that will make you forget any diet you’re currently on.

Despite her very busy schedule in China, Lasang Pinoy pioneer Iska Montero of Iskandals comes up with every Pinoy’s favorite appetizer, Lumpiang Shanghai. We all have our different recipes for this meat spring roll but Iska has gone one step further and features her own way of wrapping it. You have to check it out. It’s priceless with the step-by-step photographs.

And from the US Midwest, Filipino Food Lovers blog author Robert has been busy wrapping his fish in newspaper! It’s a very novel way to cook and serve Paksiw na Isda. Curious? Go then, see what Robert’s been up to…

From the opposite side of the Atlantic, Celia of English Patis has come up with a great recipe for Lumpiang Sariwa or Fresh Spring Rolls. She includes the wrapper recipe with some tips to make it even better. This is probably the best recipe I’ve seen online and will have to try it myself.

Philippine-based Anne of Kitchen Conjugations prepares Laing, a national favorite every Filipino in every corner of the world has probably endeavored to reproduce. Laing is a spicy stew of taro leaves with coconut milk which Anne presents all wrapped up and looking hot!

Marvin of Burnt Lumpia in California came up with a great turon idea that’s bound to be a hit. It’s a Banana Foster wrapped in banana leaves, flambed and served with macapuno ice cream. Just roll that idea around in your head a minute…great idea, don’t you think? I was hoping someone would do a turon recipe and this one exceeded all expectations.

From California we move on to Cavite where Kai of the Bucaio blog writes from, we have the Pinoy gourmet breakfast item Kasilyo, more commonly called Kesong Puti. The freshly made cheese is wrapped in fresh banana leaves. Kai also gives great suggestions for incorporating this local cheese to various recipes.

Kaoko, also in the Philippines, writes from her blog called Kitchen Cow. In my opinion, this is one of the most visually-stimulating Filipino food blogs around. For this Binalot edition, she shares with us her family’s recipe for Lumpiang Shanghai.

Kaoko came up with still another spring roll recipe for us just before we published. You’ll be glad she did because this is another very popular Filipino dish to those who are familiar with Philippine cuisine. It’s Lumpiang Prito or Vegetable Lumpia. This is wrapped in thin lumpia wrappers and deep-fried to a crisp. This version is thinner than usual, making it an even crisper roll.

As host of LP20, I felt obliged to come up with more than one binalot recipe just because I’m anal and for fear no one was going to participate. I should have known better. Pinoys are reliable and this LP round-up proves it. My contributions are: Ginataang Tilapia Wrapped in Bok Choy Leaves, the Bicolano dish simply called Binalot, Muruecos and Suman sa Ibos.

Please excuse me for being so predictable and boring but I’ve always wanted to say: “It’s a wrap!” – and chances are, it’s a banana leaf!

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  1. Congratulations mitams for hosting this successful Lasang Pinoy edition!!! 😀 Wish I could have joined but I don’t have a recipe for anything binalot. The food featured all look delectable. Nagutom na nga ako sa kakatingin lang eh. Sige, have a nice weekend. Pahinga ka na. 🙂

  2. Congratulations of a great event! I had hoped to get an entry in, but just could not get into it with life happening all around me. Anyway, I hope to have a chance to send in an entry for the next LP event.

  3. ladybug, thank you!

    marvin, hosting was my pleasure…thank YOU for participating. I’m looking forward to the edition you’ll host….

    Knittymom, I know the feeling! I’ve missed a few very interesting editions myself…

  4. Mita,
    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to host this episode of Lasang Pinoy 20. (LP20: Binalot) Also thank you for adding to your links section. It is nice to see Filipinos take the time to help and share their passion for food and cooking. This is a great way to get in touch with our fellow Filipinos while giving them a little bit of a hand in the kitchen. Mabuhay and keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks so much for hosting and accommodating my little requests, Mita! And thanks as well for the kind words, I’m tickled pink 😀

  6. Robert, you’re welcome…it was a pleasure to host LP. I had the same thoughts when I first heard about LP when I started this blog…

    Kaoko, well-deserved words – no bola. I love your Japanese bento lunches!

  7. Wow, what a collection you’ve got here, Mita! I was going to enter my papa’s tawilis from Quezon but I couldn’t find the pic. (It was “smuggled” into the US last year.) Sayang.

    Thank you so much for hosting LP 20! Lots of yummy looking Pinoy food!

  8. stef, isn’t it? i like the recipes for this round-up too. the tawilis would’ve been great…i’ll look forward to see it in your blog soon.

    dhey, i have to say the desserts ARE quite interesting. but I’m so happy the best-known wrapped dishes we Pinoys know are well represented here. I couldn’t ask for more.

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