Top 5 Things to Eat Before You Die



Ritha of Daun Pisang (Banana Leaf) tagged me for this meme.  It’s a project started by Melissa of The Traveler’s Lunch Box.   The results make an interesting read, check it out. Thank you Ritha for getting me into the loop on this one! 

This is my very own recommendation of 5 things to eat before you die.   Trimming my original list to just 5 was a painstaking process.  I decided to concentrate on certain dishes and things specific to a place and an experience. You know all the hype about the ambience affecting your enjoyment of certain foods.  For me, that’s very true. 

Plus, I always remember my mother’s advice regarding food:  Eat everything you can, while you can, because there will come a time when your doctor will ban everything from your diet. Eat this before you die!

5 Things To Eat Before You Die:

1.  Kilawin – fresh yellowfin tuna from the waters off Zambales prepared ceviche-style with calamansi juice, labuyo peppers, onions and ginger – eaten on a hot summer’s day, at a family picnic, under a large shady tree, in the fields or by the side of a creek;

2.  Ikan Bakar – grilled fish with a turmeric-based rub, from night peddlers on the streets of Old Jakarta; 

3.  Muffuletta of Central Grocery in the French Quarter of New Orleans;

4.   Burnt Ends or Smoked Turkey from Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue in Kansas City, MO  and,

5.   Ripe Carabao Mangoes from Zambales – definitely in the dry season when they are at their sweetest.

For this one, I’d like to tag Iska of  Iskandals/Edible Experiments, soon-to-be mom Ladybug of Law and Badminton, Ces of EssenCes, JMom of In Our Kitchen and sweet Charles of Queer Chef.

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  1. Thanks, Riana! Been to your blog in the past and it’s so professional looking – intimdiating even. I’m just amazed at your artistry in baking and cake decorating …

  2. That’s a nice list you’ve got there. No problem Mita. 😀 Just give me some time to post my answers. I’m having difficulty thinking of must-eat foods since I’m having difficulty eating nowadays.

  3. Woowwww, ikan bakar! That is my favorite too. It’s mouthwatering to imagine how it taste with sambal dabu2… :). Thanks for sharing the list, Mita 🙂

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