Village Smithy – Carbondale, Colorado



Spouse and I went to the town of Carbondale for breakfast on the second day of our vacation last week.  The Village Smithy was one of those recommended places to eat by the Avalanche Ranch where we were staying.  It was a very busy morning, even for a summer day.  I made it a point to make our booking on weekdays so we could avoid the rush of summer vacationers but it was no use! This area of Colorado is pretty popular with tourists, and understandably so.

The restaurant had a small, air-conditioned area. Most of the customers were seated on the patio under the umbrellas, as you can probably see a small portion from the photo. The restaurant was so busy that morning, we were directed to the air-conditioned area where mommies were having breakfast with their little tots. Most of the tables had been taken by then and soon as one table was free, some other party was there to take the table.

The menu had some interesting Southwest breakfast items and I was contemplating on ordering their Huevos Rancheros even if I don’t too well with chilis in the morning.  But soon as our server described the Special of the Day, I was hooked. It was called a Manhattan Egg and Bagel which was  an omelette with lox, cream cheese and plenty of green onions…..served with a bagel and more cream cheese and an excellent serving of hash browns.  It was definitely more than I could handle so I took half back to the ranch with me.  Here’s a photo of a piece of the omelette on a fork:



See the lox and cream cheese?? Ooohhhh…if you like these ingredients like I do, try this. I intend to get some good smoked salmon and make this for myself one of these days. Too bad Spouse is not a smoked salmon fan….

He had the Chicken-Apple Sausage and Eggs.  I thought it sounded interesting but it wasn’t all that fantastic…just sausage, scrambled eggs and hash browns.