What’s In Your Pot?

Mine started off with a vegetarian squash, longbeans and coconut milk stew. Actually, I’ve featured this same Guinataang Sitaw and Kalabasa recipe in the past but the pot looked so invitingly good that day, I took another photo to show off here. There is a slight variation though – can you spot it?
The only difference with the first recipe and this one was the addition of squash tops. As I’d mentioned in another post, the monster squash vines have been growing in the yard. This was the same day the laundrywoman came to tend the garden and she took a snip of some squash tops which, unlike in the past when I had to run to my mother with a bunch of them for her to prepare, I did all the prep work this time. Of course, it was just a handful so it didn’t require Olympian efforts at all…

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  1. That looks really good. I liked the first recipe you featured. Maybe I will try this with squash tops next time. I have to admit, I haven’t really tasted squash tops before.

  2. it’s really good ladybug. but I’m starting to get tired of it. i have squash coming out of my ears and just had another batch of fresh new tops sent over to my mom…

  3. Hi Mita!

    I’m glad to find your blog through a comment your husband left on my blog.

    My family loves squash tops. In fact we love them sauteed all by themselves with a little pork liempo to taste, or in nilaga with squash blossoms, as well.

    They also go well sauteed with sayote and even mixed with sayote tops.

    If we were neighbors you wouldn’t have any problem with your extra harvest as we would gladly buy them every day 😀

  4. glad to find more squash top lovers!

    jmom, thanks, i couldn’t resist taking the photo even if it’s a repeat.

    hi maia, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. i’ll try it next as you suggested – with the sayote. that sounds perfectly light and yummy. and nilaga? have to try that…we use it in sinigang but never had it in nilaga. but why ever not?

  5. I must agree that this new photo is stunning, beautiful colors!

    I wish I also have squash growing out of my ears ha ha! it’s so hard to find it here but for few months a year..and usually meat is dry.

  6. oh gee thank you thess…Philippine squash is so much more delicious than ones I had in the US. i just planted some alugbati to go with teh squash…maybe in a couple of months it will be ready for harvest.

    benj, you will. when the fear of bad health faces, you will…but I know you don’t scare easy ;o) – that’s what got me started eating my veggies really…

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