Will They Grow Scales Too?

I was just going over my regular news sites while having my Sunday morning cup of coffee when I found a Yahoo news report about scientists making pigs with heart-healthy fats.

I saw the headline, read it out loud to Spouse, who was in front of his computer next to mine and told him jokingly, “What did they come up with…Omega-3 producing pigs?.”

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the full report and found that indeed, these super pigs do produce Omega-3 fats that we all know is good for our health and is something we get from fish!

Yes, Omega-3 producing pigs! ¬†Pork, baboy, babi, bacon, pancetta, jamon, longganisa, Virginia ham, Italian sausage, pork chops, Inihaw na Baboy…all that and more suddenly becoming health food! This has got to be a dream…

Happy days….happy days….happy days!!!!!!!


2 Replies to “Will They Grow Scales Too?”

  1. for some reason, ur pics arent coming out right – anyway, i did see something on nova about genetically altered tomatoes – they take something out of fish, in this case, deep sea fish that live in very cold waters. they take that something that allows the fish not to freeze while in sub-zero temps and “planted” it in tomatoes so that they stay fresh longer in the freezer. weird, huh?

  2. please be more specific about the photos? my monitor is kinda washed out so I have to double checke photos on another pc before posting. maybe it’s the new theme and color scheme?

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